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2GIG Super Switch Takeover Module

2GIG was the first company to manufacture this type of device. In most systems if you wanted to upgrade to a newer wireless alarm panel you would have to install a new wireless module at ever door and window. This increased the cost dramatically when trying to upgrade your security system. The 2GIG Super Switch […]

DIY Alarm System by 2Gig GoControl

Security Masters is offering a DIY special that requires no contract. You own the equipment and install it yourself. 24/7 monitoring available with complete remote access to your alarm system. System comes with: * 1-Wireless Control Panel * 1-Cellular Module * 3-Door/Window Contacts * 1-Motion Detector Perfect for Rentals and Apartments. The system is completely […]

Do Home Security Systems Work?

Many people think that home security systems will not provide any help in keeping the criminals from entering their home. They also seem to think that if the alarm does go off then the police will not get to the break in fast enough to catch the criminal. I cannot speak to the speed of […]

2GIG PIR1 Passive Infrared Motion Detector



The Passive Infrared Motion Detector (2GIGPIR1345) is a wall mounted unit with wide angle motion protection. It communicates with the 2GIG Control Panel using the 345 MHz frequency. When set to High (HI) Sensitivity Mode, the PIR has a maximum range of 30 ft deep x 50 ft wide (9.1 […]

2GIG DW10 345 Thin Door and Window Contact

Home and Business Security Alarm – Door and Window Contacts

Your doors and windows are the primary way that an intruder will try and enter your home or business. The 2GIG DW10 is a wireless sensor that has been designed to be functional as well as unobtrusive. The sensor blends in well with existing decor. […]

2GIG Go Control Panel Kit

Alarm System Overview

The 2GIG Go Control panel will provide you with 3 forms of protection depending on your requirements. The protection available is Burglary protection, Fire Protection and protection in the event of an emergency. The systems consists of a Color Touch screen which make the operation of the system substantially easier than the […]

DIY – Choosing your Brand of Home Security Step 4

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Designing Your Alarm System

Choosing your Brand of Home Security

The Alarm Industry has a huge amount of alarm installers and there are also many different types of alarm manufacturers. California alone has over 3,500 security installation companies. Some of the larger metropolitan cities have hundreds of installation companies. It is important to select the right alarm installer but […]

DIY – Professional Alarm Installation or DIY Installation Step 5

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Designing Your Alarm System

Alarm panels in the past had to be installed by a professional. You were at the mercy of whatever they wanted to charge because it was not practical for a non professional to be able to understand how to install a security system without advanced training. Alarm manufactures have made huge strides with alarm panels […]

DIY – Designing Your Alarm System – Step 1

This entry is part of 5 in the series Designing Your Alarm System

Designing Your Home Security System Monitor or not to Monitor POTS Line VOIP Cell Home Automation Choosing your Brand of Home Security DIY or Professional Installation


Designing Your Home Security System

When it comes to home security there are a lot of things to consider. You must remember that you are installing a […]