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Burglar Alarm Systems and Standard Telephone Lines

Types Of Alarm System Communication

What Alarm Communication Types are Best for your Burglar Alarm Systems?

Many people are selecting to drop their standard telephone lines for newer, more robust services presented through cell or Internet providers. However, do these modern telecommunication technologies work with home alarm systems?

In short, yes, new communication systems can easily work with residence alarm […]

DIY Alarm System by 2Gig GoControl

Security Masters is offering a DIY special that requires no contract. You own the equipment and install it yourself. 24/7 monitoring available with complete remote access to your alarm system. System comes with: * 1-Wireless Control Panel * 1-Cellular Module * 3-Door/Window Contacts * 1-Motion Detector Perfect for Rentals and Apartments. The system is completely […]

Remote Control Home Security

With today’s home security panels you can control the panel from anywhere that has an internet connection. All of the following devices can be used to monitor and Remote Control Home Security:

Smart Phone Tablet Laptop Computer Desktop Computer

You literally have your home in your hands no matter where you are. You can receive […]