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2GIG Go Control Panel Kit

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Alarm System Overview

The 2GIG Go Control panel will provide you with 3 forms of protection depending on your requirements. The protection available is Burglary protection, Fire Protection and protection in the event of an emergency. The systems consists of a Color Touch screen which make the operation of the system substantially easier than the standard alarm panel keypads. The system is a offers wireless protection no matter what types of protection that you elect to have. This allows for easy installation without penetrating the walls or ceiling of your home. The wireless devices are very reliable and will actually relay more information to the control panel than the standard hard wired devices.

The 2GIG Go Control System has wireless sensors that can provide perimeter protection of your home or business as well as interior protection. There are also smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide Protection devices available. There are multiple control options available for the wireless security system including remote key fobs, wireless panic buttons, wireless keypads and wireless touch screen keypads.

The 2GIG Go Control system panel monitors all protection zones and the systems status. The control panel also controls your alarm siren in the event of an intruder. The system can also send alarm signals to a central station so that your system is monitored 24 hours per day , 7 days a week.Th system also incorporates 2 way voice communications.

2GIG Go Control Security Panel

2GIG Go Control Security Panel

2GIG Go Control Panel Feature List

The 2GIG Go Control panel has a long list of available features. These options are enabled or disabled by the installer so you will need to make your alarm installer aware of what features you want or if you are performing a DIY installation make sure that you go over the options to make sure that you have setup the features that you want to use.

  • Stay and Away Arming Modes

    • The stay mode typically only arms the perimeter of your home and is used at night or when you do not plan on going outside.
    • Away Mode is used when you leave the house and all of the security devices are turned on.
  • 32 User Codes Available
    • There are 32 4 digit codes that are available for use with the system. The system also support 1 master code and that code controls all others and what functionality each code will have. One of the 32 user codes can be used as a duress code.
  • Voice Announcements
    • The system has a vocabulary of words that can be assigned independently to each zone. These zone descriptions can be used to announce the activation of a zone such as “Front Door” whenever the front door is opened. The system will also scroll the message at the top of the screen.
  • Home Automation with zWave Controller
    • All 2GIG Go Control alarm panels are built in with the ability to control zWave devices. If you elect to not incorporate the device right away the capability is still built in to utilize whenever it makes sense to you.
  • Alarm History
    • All alarms and system events are logged into an easy to read log. This is available at the control panel or if you have Central Station monitoring your system then it is also available online.
  • 2 Way Voice Communications
    • If an alarm event happens and you have two way voice enabled the central station can communicate directly with you.
  • Remote Control of Your Alarm System
    • If you have elected to have a cellular module installed in your system then you can control your alarm system by any web enabled device.
  • Three Optional 24 Hour Emergency Functions
    • All of these functions are available by activating buttons on the control panel and can also be activated by using wireless sensors, a wireless keypad or from portable pendant devices.

The 2GIG Go Control panel is the most innovative security panel on the market today. It can be easily installed by DIY or by a professional installer.

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