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Alarm Contracts Tracker

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Alarm Contracts and your Home Security System

Your current alarm company undoubtedly has an auto renew for your contract. The alarm companies are notorious with their contracts to make sure that the majority of the contract is written to protect them. Actually that is the same as any contract unless you write it yourself.

Some of the contracts do state that they will contact you before the automatic renewal of the contract. In most cases this does not happen. You see the trick is that most people will not know or keep track of when there alarm contract is done. So as the story goes, you want to cancel and then you get busy and then you get stuck with another year of a contract or more. Most people do not have the time or do not want the hassle of going through the layers of people to get out of the contract so they continue with the current company. And that is exactly why alarm companies setup things the way that they do. It is not about your family’s safety or the protection of your processions.

Break your Alarm Contract

IT IS ALL ABOUT THE RMR! (The monthly fee that they collect)

In an effort to give you options we have created a contract tracker. You enter when your contract is due to expire and we will contact you 30 days before. This way you have plenty of time to cancel the auto renewal. Even if you want to keep the same company you should go on a month to month.

Alarm Contract Tip #1

If you want to stay with your current company but would like lower rates then call them and tell that you will be switching to another alarm company unless you can get your rates lowered.

Just enter your information below and we will keep track for you. It’s not about changing your alarm company. It’s about having the option!

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