Best Deadbolt Locks for 2022- Ranked and Reviewed

We all want to have the best security for our homes. It’s important to us to know that we have done all we can to protect our family and our home.

There are a lot of security options out there – from security grilles to house alarms and CCTV security camera systems. However, the first place to start with home security is the place often overlooked – the front door.

In this article, we will look at one of the best door lock options on the market – the deadbolt – and see which ones offer the best security for your entry doors.

Deadbolt smart locks stand head and shoulders above most lock types. Let’s take a look at the best deadbolt locks for 2022.

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What is a Deadbolt Smart Lock?

Deadbolt locks use a locking mechanism that is operated by using a key. What makes them so secure is the fact that due to them needing a key to lock and unlock, a large amount of force is needed to pry open the lock. Deadbolts are a very popular choice with homeowners because they have this very secure locking system.

Smart Deadbolts have now upped the security level by having application integration that will send you an alert as soon as anyone unlocks the door. The app will also allow you to lock your door – wherever you happen to be in the world. They are keyless locks that are connected to your home via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. So no more worrying about forgetting your keys!

Some smart locks have a keypad where you can enter a unique passcode to unlock your door. Most smart locks work with Alexa and Google Assistant allowing you to open your door using a voice command.

Many smart locks are able to be used with a smart home hub in order to create complete automation of your home.

If you already have a smart home, double-check that the lock you wish to purchase is compatible with your system as not all smart locks will work with every available voice assistant.

Why Choose a Deadbolt in the First Place?

A lock is something that buys you time and noise. If someone attempts to break in, they need time to get through your lock and they will make a fair amount of noise doing so. The better the lock you install, the more time and noise you buy yourself.

A deadbolt requires a lot of force to break through and hence will take a lot more time than a standard lock would, to be breached.

A good deadbolt is well-constructed and has strong component parts that will protect your door against being kicked in.

They are also resistant to things like bumping, lock picking, and drilling.

How Do I Choose the Best Deadbolt Smart Lock?

If you’re going to spend some of your hard-earned money on a lock then it’s best to know exactly what features to look for so that you make the best purchase possible for your security application.

Here are a few more features to consider:

Bluetooth –

A Bluetooth lock offers you a lot of extra functions that make the device easy to use and convenient. This type of lock will sense when you are approaching the door and unlock it automatically which is great if you are carrying lots of parcels. However, keep in mind that you will need to be nearby in order to lock your door – you cannot do it remotely.

You will also be able to unlock the door using your phone. Bluetooth uses a small amount of energy and your battery life will be preserved for longer periods of time.

WiFi –

Offering the same sort of functions as a Bluetooth-connected lock a Wi-Fi connection might be better for the more forgetful of us. A Wi-Fi-connected lock might be a better purchase as it will allow the door to be locked from anywhere.

Keypad –

Consider the access ability the lock gives you. Do you need to allow a lot of people in and out of your home or is it only for close family members?

If you choose a lock with a keypad you will need a passcode if you wish to unlock your door. These codes are easy to set up and different codes can be set for different users. There are locks that give you the ability to use a vast number of unique passcodes and some, only a few.

It’s an ideal feature for landlords who need to change access codes frequently for different tenants. Most keypads have a touch screen these days.

Biometric –

Another way of gaining access to your home is by buying a lock with fingerprint access. These are great for businesses that need strict access control. Biometric locks are easy to set up and generally, about 100 fingerprints can be stored. These locks also record entry and exit times which is another convenient feature for employers.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) –

These locks are commonly used in workplaces. They use key cards to activate the doors. When the card is pressed onto the reader, the code is picked up and the door is opened. Newer models allow unlocking from a small distance which keeps the reader clean, safe, and ready to be used by the next person.

Impact Resistance –

The main reason for choosing a deadbolt lock is to prevent forceful entry such as kick-ins. If this is why you are choosing a deadbolt, look for one that extends into the doorframe by at least 1-inch. Make sure that the bolt and strike plate and made from strong steel and not weak materials that could break easily. The strike plate should be installed with 3-inch screws.

Picking, Bumping, Drilling, and Sawing–

The higher the number of pins the better! Five or more pins are best. Make sure the keyway is tight thus reducing room for inserting tools into the lock.

Find a deadbolt that has hardened plates to protect the lock against drilling.

A strong bolt is a good bolt! Hardened steel bolts have good resistance against sawing.

Affordability –

If you need to buy a lock on a budget it might be a good idea to consider adding a further layer to your security. Think of buying a better strike plate as well as a night latch.

Lock Rating –

Finding a lock with an ANSI grade is a good first step. The ANSI grading will give you an idea of the lock’s strength and durability. The higher the rating, the stronger the lock.

Installation –

Make sure you are able to install the lock yourself and if you cannot, make sure you have funds available to hire someone to do it for you. Check the specifications of the lock and make sure it will fit the door on which you want to use it.

Compatibility –

As we mentioned previously, check that the deadbolt lock you wish to buy is compatible with your smart home system as well as the hardware that you might already have installed.

Key Security –

This is quite a simple question to answer – do you want to be able to use physical keys or not? And if you do, do you want to be able to easily duplicate them? Some deadbolts provide the security of having keys that can only be copied by a licensed dealer.

Design –

Take the design and style of your house into consideration – you might not want a super modern-looking lock with a futuristic keypad or space-age touchscreen if your house is an old Victorian. There are more traditional styles of smart locks that might suit the look of your house better.

Three Main Types of Deadbolt Smart Locks

The Single Cylinder

These deadbolts use a key cylinder that is mounted on the exterior of the door. A thumb turn is used to open the door on the interior side. These are very popular locks but their one weakness is that if someone gains access to the thumb turn through a broken window for example, then the door can be easily opened.

The Double Cylinder

The type of deadbolt has a key cylinder on both the exterior and interior sides of the door. This makes them more secure than the single-cylinder deadlock as a key is needed to operate the lock on both sides. However, although more secure, they can pose a safety risk if quick evacuation of the house is required during an emergency.

The Lockable Thumb Turn

This lock is a mixture of the single and double-cylinder locks. A thumb turn is present on the inside of the door and works in the same way that a single-cylinder deadbolt works. However, this device can be locked easily so if an intruder gains access to the inside of the door, the lock won’t open. This feature makes the lockable thumb-turn deadbolt a highly desirable and secure deadbolt.

What Are the Benefits of a Deadbolt Smart Lock?

A deadbolt smart lock is ideal for residences and for people afraid of a home invasion. They can be linked up to your home security system including video cameras.

For people who travel a lot, a smart deadbolt is a good choice as notifications of the activity of your front door can reach you around the world and you are able to unlock/lock your door from anywhere.

Let’s Get To It!

Right, now we can get down to looking at specific makes of Smart Deadbolt Locks and rank them according to the level of security they offer.

We will start with our top choice first and work our way down – but bear in mind that all these locks offer great protection and you won’t really go wrong in purchasing any one of them.

Choice No.1 – The Turbolock TL115

TurbolockThis great-looking lock can be used by up to ten people and has voice integration for iOS and Android. It connects with Bluetooth. A single 9V battery powers the lock. It offers the flexibility of being keyless and convenient for better control. The design is excellent and the exterior housing is weather-resistant. Although it is keyless, three physical keys come with the purchase as a backup.

It is easy to install and available for purchase at both Walmart and Amazon.

Choice No 2. – The Kwikset HALO 99380-002

The Kwikset HALO is Wi-Fi enabled. It does not need a smart home hub or subscription in order to operate.

If you need to give access to a lot of people, this is the lock for you. The Kwikset HALO allows you to create 250 passcodes. These codes can be disabled or deleted on the Kwikset app.

Notifications are sent to your smartphone allowing you to view event history as well as keep track of current lock activity.

This smart deadbolt has SmartKey Security which protects you against break-ins and lets you re-key the lock quickly. There is a one-touch lock button on the keypad.

The Kwikset HALO is integrated into Alexa and GA.

The exterior cover is tamper-resistant and is hardy in all weather conditions.

Find the latest price on Amazon.

Choice No 3. – Kwikset 909 SmartCode Traditional Electronic Deadbolt

Install this high-quality electronic deadbolt lock using only a screwdriver! Quick and easy!

This lock will easily replace any other standard deadbolt lock.

It features a one-touch lock button and has SmartKey Security.

The Kwikset 909 comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty.

This stylish lock offers great protection against burglars with a stainless steel locking bar, racks, and pins offering added security against lock bumping.

The lock operates off 4 AA batteries and is connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Voice integration is not available with this lock and there is no associated app.

Find this lock on Amazon.

Choice No. 4 – Kwikset 907

Use this beautifully designed lock on exterior doors where you require keyed access. The Kwikset 907 features SmartKey re-key technology allowing you to re-key your lock in 3 simple steps.

It is ANSI Grade 3 certified.

A great thing about this lock is that the backset is adjustable meaning that it will fit with nearly all standard door sizes.

Voice assistants are not available with this lock.

You can set six user passcodes.

It is an easy-to-install lock and you can confidently do it yourself.

Available on Amazon.

Choice No.5 – Wyze Lock WLCKG1

Do you arrive home with your hands full? Then this lock has some great benefits for you. The Wyze Lock senses when you approach the door and will automatically unlock it for you. It then senses when the door is closed and will lock the door again behind you.

Don’t worry about changing your current door hardware – the Wyze Lock is able to be used with your already installed hardware enabling you to use your key while still getting all the Smart Lock benefits.

The Wyze Lock uses both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity and will notify you if your door is left unlocked. You are also able to see who has entered your hour using the Wyze app.

The app also lets you unlock your door remotely.

The lock works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Find the best price on Amazon.

Choice No. 6 – Kwikset 913 99130-002

Give up to 16 people access to your home with individual key codes. The Kwikset 913 is Wi-Fi connected and works with a GA voice assistant.

A convenient lock for keyless access, it comes with a 10-digit keypad that is backlit for visibility at night.

The auto-lock feature locks the door behind you after 30 seconds.

You can purchase this lock from Amazon.

Choice No. 7 – Turbolock TL-201

To access your home using the Turbolock TL-201, use the physical keys or program access codes for as many as 20 people. Over a million unique access codes are available to use.

Your code is made more secure by being able to key in up to 12 digits either before or after you enter your actual code.

Another safety feature that this lock offers is protection against passcode attacks. If 5 wrong attempts have been made, the keypad locks for 15 minutes. Access is then only given by using a key.

The installation is simple and the tools required come included with the lock purchase. It fits most standard door sizes.

Voice assistants are not available with this lock.

Find this device on Amazon.

Choice No. 8 – Schlage B560 Deadbolt

A workhorse of a lock that is affordable but gives your all the security you could require, the Schlage B560 is a great choice to make.

It is a single-cylinder lock that comes with a rating of ANSI Grade 2.

Its 6-pin re-keyable cylinder makes it easy to re-key yourself. Other cylinders can be dropped into this lock to increase key control and lock-picking resistance.

The lock’s hefty design makes it very resistant to physical force and a hardened layer on the faceplate protects against drilling.

The backset is adjustable which means it will fit almost all doors. Installation is easy.

This lock is great for residential use but we would not recommend it if you are looking for a lock for us in a commercial application.

Purchase this deadbolt on Amazon.

Choice No. 9 – EASILOCK Deadbolt Lock

The EASILOCK has been getting a lot of affirmation from critics. It is constructed in a new style that offers a lot of security features.

Easy-locking technology enables you to turn the thumb turn on the exterior side of the door without using a physical key. A key can then be used to unlock the deadbolt as normal. So if your hands are full and you aren’t able to get to your keys, the knob is large and easy to grip – this is also ideal for people with arthritis who find it difficult to grip things.

The EASILOCK has a night latch switch – when you enable the night latch the lock cylinder is disabled and not even a key can be used to gain entry.

This lock can unfortunately not be re-keyed and it is costly to duplicate keys.

The components of this lock are cast in high-grade steel – its robust design makes it resistant to forceful attacks.

All you need for installation is a screwdriver and it has an adjustable backset so you can fit it into most standard doors.

While offering great security, bear in mind that it is possible to lock yourself out with this lock.

Buy it on Amazon.

Choice No. 10 – Schlage B60N

This is the best deadbolt if you are on a budget. Even though it is on the cheaper side it doesn’t skimp on security.

It comes with an ANSI Grade 1 which means it is durable, kick-resistant, and made to last.

The 5-pin re-keyable cylinder can be upgraded to 6-pins which will increase the resistance of the lock to picking.

The Schlage C Keyway enables you to make new keys easily and affordably.

The Schlage B60N has a 1-inch bolt which provides you with good protection against kick-ins. Behind the faceplate is an anti-drill plate – another great security feature of this lock.

This lock comes in 12 different finishes and various designs meaning that is it highly likely you will find one that suits the style and design of your home.

Installation is quick and requires only a screwdriver.

Find prices on Amazon.


Is there a deadbolt that 100% cannot be picked?

No – no lock is 100% pickproof. However, a deadbolt makes it very difficult for a would-be thief to pick – they would need to be very skilled and have plenty of time in which to do it.

Do Smart Deadlocks need batteries?

Most of these locks have a built-in rechargeable battery pack but some do still need AA batteries to run. These will need to be changed once they run out.

Can a Smart Deadbolt be hacked?

There is always a risk that an internet-connected lock could be hacked. However, these locks do have good security features that minimize this risk. Remember to always change the default password if the lock comes with such a thing. Make sure the passcodes you choose are strong and use capital letters, numbers, and symbols as part of the code. Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is also protected with a strong password.


It’s a fairly simple DIY project to install a deadbolt lock into your door. It is well worth the time and energy to add an extra layer of security to your home. We trust that this article has assisted you in making the right choice of deadbolt lock for your home. Thank you for reading!

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