Best Home Security Screen Doors

A screen door (or a storm door) is a great way to add an extra layer of security to your front entry door. The more layers that a security system has, the more that a burglar must peel through to gain entry into your house, and the better the chance that he will pass you by and look for an easier target.

In this article we will take a look at the top security screen doors on the market and what they offer you.

The Advantages of a Screen Door

Although curb appeal is touted as a “must have” for your home, and screen doors are generally installed on the back door or the patio door, there are very decorative options available that will not detract from the aesthetics of your home while adding a level of door security that you didn’t have before.

A screen door allows you to open your front door and let in light and fresh air while still maintaining a barrier between yourself and visitors to your door. On a hot summer day, this can cut costs on your air conditioning bill.

They not only keep people out, but they also keep the bugs out too! Enjoy the feel of the breeze wafting into your home and the sound of the birds singing through the screen door but keep the buzzing, biting critters outside.

Screen doors are readily available for purchase and relatively easy to install.

If you are looking for a screen that is also a security feature, make sure you purchase one made of strong materials. There are also ways to improve a screen door’s security that will not detract from the look of your home.

You can find a few stock screens on Amazon – Aluminum doors

How To Chose The Right Screen Door


One of the most important decisions to make when purchasing a security screen door is in terms of the material used to construct the door.

The stronger the material, the more secure the door. Woven stainless steel mesh is a better choice than aluminum mesh due to the strength of steel versus aluminum.

If security isn’t too much of a concern you can choose either vinyl screens (which can be nearly invisible) or perforated aluminum screens. Vinyl is easy to cut and fit and aluminum is flexible and can be used on both doors and windows and won’t tear as easily as vinyl.

Stainless steel mesh screens, while being less flexible, are very durable. They are difficult to cut or kick through and they don’t rust. These properties make them an ideal barrier against intruders.

Stainless steel screens come with a slightly higher price tag than those made of vinyl or aluminum and they can be difficult to install however the added security they provide is worth it.

Suppliers will have products with different specs – these include the thickness of the mesh and hole aperture. When purchasing a screen door take a look at these specifications to help you decide on the product to buy.

You might also take into consideration how well you can see through the mesh as well as how close you live to the sea as salt exposure can corrode a screen over time. If you do live close to salt water it would be best to purchase a screen door made of marine-grade stainless steel. A powder-coated perforated aluminum screen is also an option.

The Frame

A door is only as strong as its frame. Choose a steel frame that will increase the resilience of your screen door.

The reason that you want a strong frame is that this is where the plate is housed into which the deadbolt is released so you want a frame that is robust enough to stand up against kick-in or lock-prying attempts.

Various screen doors come with frames made of aluminum or metal alloys. These frames are better than wooden ones but they can give way under pressure unless they are very thick. A steel frame, however, is not as likely to bend which means it can be a thinner frame while still maintaining strength.

Locks and Hinges

If you already have a strong door, you could add further metal plating around the screen doors hinges and deadbolt lock to reinforce less robust frames.

The locks of the screen door should be a 5-pin cylinder. There should be a minimum of 3 hinges with fixed pins.

Custom Made

It might be worth considering getting a security screen custom-made. This will then ensure that it fits perfectly. An ill-fitting door is easily removed.


If you have some DIY experience the installation of a screen door is not a difficult thing. A steel screen door, however, can add to the difficulty. Make sure you are able to do the installation yourself or budget for a professional to do it for you.


Check the warranty offered with the product you want to purchase. A good warranty shows that the manufacturer has confidence in their product.


If you want a screen door to be an addition to the security of your home you will need to be prepared to buy one of the more expensive screen doors. If you find a supplier that will customize your door this will give you flexibility in choosing materials that will give you the results you are looking for at the price you can afford.

Magnetic Screen Doors

A magnetic screen door is designed to fit around a door frame like a curtain. A magnetic strip down the center allows for easy opening and closing. They are ideal for keeping the bugs out of your home but not so much for keeping out intruders.

Best Home Security Screen Doors

We found two companies that offer the best in screen doors.

Wizard Screens

Wizard screens are designed to be long-lasting. Their products come with great warranties and they ensure years of trouble-free usage.

Wizard uses only the best materials and components to make their screen doors and they don’t only have durability and security in mind, their screen doors are elegant and stylish and will give your home a sophisticated look while adding that ever-necessary layer of security.

They have a range of products that you can view on their website.

Below we have listed a few of their retractable screen doors:

RetractaView TM

Wizard Screen Door - DIY Home SecurityA retractable screen door of the highest quality, RetractaView screens are custom-made and fitted for you. The Retractaview has a low-profile housing that will blend into the design of your door and can be pulled into place when it is needed. A latch system holds the screen in place.

VistaView TM

For use on larger-sized doors or windows, the VistaView offers unobstructed views. The screen filters out harmful UV rays while allowing the light in. This screen is robust, and the mesh is resistant to wind and pets. Even though the VistaView is designed for large spaces, the screen is easy to operate using only one hand.

The Horizon

Ideal for unique door shapes and sizes and large openings, the Horizon screen door is an extremely popular purchase. It allows for unobstructed views outside and lets in lots of sun.

Large screens usually open vertically but the Horizon opens from side to side and has an auto-stop function that allows it to be stopped along any of its widths.


MeshTech Screen Doors - DIY Home SecurityMeshTec was founded in Australia but is now a worldwide supplier of stainless steel mesh. They manufacture high tensile stainless steel security mesh that is uniquely free from the common defects that are caused but the weaving of steel wire.

Genuine Meshtec Mesh

Every strand of wire in Genuine Meshtec Mesh undergoes stringent testing before being woven to a high-tensile strength. They look like ordinary screens but their mesh is so strong that a large blade knife cannot cut through it. The mesh and components are powder coated with a unique formula ensuring resistance to corrosion.

MeshTec mesh filters 60% of the sun’s UV rays without compromising on ventilation or views.

Genuine Meshtec Mesh is made of high-tensile stainless steel.

Their mesh undergoes serious testing. Tests include the Knife Shear Test and the Salt Spray Test.

MeshTec Premium Security Doors and Windows

MeshTec’s superior quality screen doors protect your family without compromising on views. They offer a large range of colors and set-ups to suit your needs. These mesh screens are designed to be easily fitted into standard doors and windows whether the frames are made of aluminum, wood, or UPVC.

MeshTec also offers screen doors to fit hinged doors, French doors, sliding doors, stacker doors, and bi-fold doors.

MeshTec screens are robust and can withstand a busy family’s activity. They are scratch resistant and resilient against repeated use. They also provide protection again damage from storm debris.

View MeshTec Products 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a dog door into my screen door?

Yes, you can have a dog door installed but remember that the larger the pet door the more the security of the door is compromised. The screen door will also not be covered by a warranty and will be referred to as a safety door rather than a security door.

What type of lock should my screen door have?

A triple lock is the best lock in terms of the security of your screen door. A single lock will mean that your security door becomes only a safety or barrier door.

Final Thoughts

A mesh door is a good purchase for those wishing to have the benefits of an open door while not compromising on safety. It is probably best to get one custom-made to fit your door making sure that the materials used are strong and sturdy enough to withstand some force. Burglars are always looking for an easy way in – a screen door is a good deterrent and a great addition to your current security systems.

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