Best Ring Compatible Door Locks – Smart Locks that work with Ring

One of the best ways to add security to your house or apartment is to combine an alarm with a smart lock on the front door. However, not all Ring Doorbells are compatible with every type of lock.
In this post, we are going to take a look at the best door locks that are compatible with the Ring doorbell to help you make the right choice.

Why is it better to have a Ring-compatible door lock?

There are a few reasons why.
1. These locks offer security-enhancing features that you are going to want!
2. They are simple to install.
3. They work with various alarm systems.
4. They enable you to control access to your house remotely.
5. Automatic locking/unlocking features mean you can stop fumbling around for your keys

Integrating your Smart Locks with a Ring Doorbell means that you have a homogenous security system that covers all your safety bases. It will bring you great peace of mind to know that your home is safe even when you are not there.

What are the Best Ring Compatible Door Locks

Kwikset 99390-004 Halo Wi-Fi Smart LockKwikset 99390-004 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Our first lock is this great-looking lock from Kwikset. It has keyless entry and an electronic touchscreen and has anti-break-in features. SmartKey Security is effective against hacking and the SecureScreen prevents peeping and also stops fingerprints from being lifted off the screen.

The Kwikset app sends out an immediate notification when it picks up that there has been unusual activity with the lock.
Two hundred and fifty user passcodes are allowed with the Kwikset Smart lock. This means that sharing access to your home is easy but also safe.

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SmartKey Security Code entry can be a bit slow
Useful app

August Wi-Fi (4th Generation) Smart Locks

This lock comes with some amazing advantages giving it the edge when it comes to SmartLocks compatible with Ring.

The primary advantage of the August Smart Lock is that it fits with a wide range of door latches. You don’t need to change the structure of your door in order to accommodate this lock.

The next advantage is that the August Wi-Fi lock supports the sharing of access in a very convenient way. Both temporary and permanent passcodes can be set up and shared with people you wish to have access to your home.

A further benefit is that this lock is compatible with various virtual assistants including Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Smarthings, and Apple Homekit.

Another great advantage is that it features automatic opening and closing. You can set this up and use the Auto-Lock and DoorSense that are provided by the lock’s manufacturer.

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Can be used on most doors Battery life is limited
Installation is easy
Suitable for use in smart homes

Yale Assure Smart Lever

Yale Assure Smart LeverThe Yale Assure lock is perfect for doors that have no latch. It can easily be used to replace the doorknob or lever.

The Yale Assure lock is an easy-to-install lock that has a high level of security. It can be unlocked using a keyboard, application, or biometric verification. You can choose which method suits you the best or makes you feel the most secure. The Assure lock allows you to track access history by using the Yale Access App. With this app, you can control how many people gain access to a room. This means that any break-in attempt is quickly picked up.

Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are all compatible with the Yale smart lock. The VA will help you keep track of the lock’s history, monitor its usage, and notify you when the battery is low. Dash Replenishment will also assist you with battery replacement.

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High level of security A bit pricey
Multiple ways to unlock
Yale Access App
Virtual Assistant compatibility
Dash Replenishment

Lockley Secure Pro Deadbolt PGD728WVB

This is probably the best smart lock compatible with Ring for your front entrance door.
No more worrying about losing your keys! The Lockly has a very impressive 3D fingerprint sensor that takes just 0.46 seconds to identify a fingerprint and 1 second to open the door.

If you’re not keen on using the fingerprint scanner, then you can enter a code on the secure keypad with anti-theft features. The keypad is made secure due to the fact that a. it is a virtual keyboard and b. it shuffles the numbers so that your code is kept secret from anyone who might be loitering around.

To change your passcode you need to use the app or link up to the VA (Virtual Assistant).
The design is made to be resistant to wear and tear and is highly durable. Another good reason for you to choose this lock for your front door.

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Virtual Keyboard that shuffles numbers The app is a little confusing
Really good fingerprint recognition

Schlage BE469ZP CAM 619

Schlage BE469ZP CAM 619One of the best features of the Schlage BE469ZP CAM619 lock, besides its compatibility with the Ring Doorbell, is its compatibility with the whole Z-Wave system.

Z-Wave is similar to wi-fi and Bluetooth. It consumes little energy and has a fairly wide range of operations making it very efficient in terms of standard radio waves. It is used to connect smart home devices.
The compatibility with the Z-Wave system means that the Schlage has a voice control feature.

It is also compatible with VA and with some other security systems like Samsung SmartThings and Ring Alarm. This gives you the ability to monitor your door at all times and from anywhere.

Remote access can be granted using an app on your smartphone.
Schlage allows the sharing of 30 passcodes.
You might think that this lock could be quite difficult to install, but you’d be wrong. Installation is fairly easy if you’ve had some DIY experience as the lock pattern works with most door designs.
Snap ‘n Stay is provided to assist you with installation.

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Touchscreen – resistant to fingerprints Need a little DIY know-how to do the install
30 passcodes
Z-Wave compatibility
VA compatible

Schlage BE469ZP CAM 716

If you’re looking for good security that’s a bit more budget-friendly, this Schlage lock is for you.
Ring compatible, this smart lock will cost you considerably less than the CAM 619 above.

The CAM 716 is compatible with Z-Wave smart homes so even though you have paid less, you still have the ability to remotely control access to your home. You can also connect to virtual assistants which allows you to control this lock using your voice.

The lock will give you a warning if there is some unusual activity with the lock. It will notify you if a wrong passcode has been entered or if there has been force used on the lock.

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Budget-friendly Improvements need to be made to the app
Warnings of unusual activity
Compatibility with VA and Z-Wave
Remote access control

Level Smart Lock – Touch Edition

Ever heard the saying “dynamite comes in small packages”? Well, that about sums up this little beauty. Small but smart and just as safe and secure as any of the bigger locks, the Level Touch hides its technology on the inside of your door while looking like a normal, elegant deadbolt on the outside.
Access your home by tapping a card (cards are included with purchase) or simply lifting a finger. What could be easier?

Those of you who don’t like the idea of a keypad will love this lock.
Although a keypad allows you to share entry with various people, they do potentially expose what numbers are used to unlock a door by fingerprints or wear-and-tear. With the Level Smart Lock, you don’t have to worry about the wrong people gaining access to your home.

The construction of this lock is one of its big drawcards. Superb engineering means that it is not only compact but very solid. The tech is all hidden inside the door which means that there are no giveaways on the outside that your door is electronic, which is also a small security add-on.
This lock also gives you excellent battery life.

The Lever Touch uses two unlocking methods:
1. Touching the lock – Works with an app on your smartphone
2. Tapping an NFC keycard – These cards can be shared with family or friends who may need access to the home – this will save you from having to have keys cut.

Because of its small design, you need to be extra sure that it will fit with the door you have. Level will assist you with checking what is needed before purchase.


Compact size
Won’t fit all door hardware
Good battery life
Card unlock

Schlage Encode

While most Ring-compatible door locks use Z-Wave to connect to the Ring Base Station, the Schlage Encode lock has an option for independent app control with the use of Wi-Fi.

This lock does have a few issues when withstanding extreme weather conditions such as frost, humidity, or rain.
Although there is Ring integration, you can’t integrate directly. You have to link Alexa to the Schlage app first.


Keypad Battery life is a bit short
Works with Wi-Fi
Not great in extreme weather conditions
Auto lock

Level Bolt

If you don’t mind having to buy the door hardware separately, or if you don’t want to change the external hardware at all, then you could be very happy with the Level Bolt Lock.

Battery life is excellent with the Level Bolt and its Ring integration is certified.

You do need to make sure that your door is compatible. There are a few very specific conditions that have to be met such as having an ANSI standard door. Level offers a guide to help you in this regard.


Compact design No door hardware included
Battery life is good

SimpliSafe Smart Lock

SimplisafeThe SimpliSafe Smart Lock is one of the easiest smart locks to install.
The SimpliLockTM feature allows you to set a timer to automatically lock your door if you forget to do it manually.

Alerts are sent to you to notify you of any locking/unlocking activity of your door.

Another great safety benefit is that this lock will notify you if the incorrect passcode has been entered 5 times. After 15 wrong attempts, the house will lock for 30 minutes. The monthly monitoring fees benefit is now seen as when the house locks automatically after suspicious entry attempts, the police will be alerted and dispatched to your house and you will be notified.
Take note that the lock only works with the SimpliSafe system and you have to pay the above-mentioned monthly monitoring fee.

The SimpliSafe lock has 4 ways of unlocking/locking your door:
1. Using a code (PIN) pad
2. Key Fob
3. Your phone
4. The system links to Alexa or Google Assistant and these can be used to open your door as well.

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Easy installation Need to purchase subscriptions for full use of functions
Attractive design
Auto lock

Questions you might ask

Is it worth having a smart lock?

A smart lock could be considered a luxury item and it does complicate the simple task of opening one’s door, however, you do get a lot of benefits from having a smart lock such as having a keyless option of entering your home and providing remote access to family and friends. Coupled with the Ring Alarm or Ring Doorbell you are also able to keep a close eye on what is happening at your home while you are away.

Does Ring have its own smart lock?

No. As yet Ring does not have its own smart lock.

Can I unlock my door using Ring?

Yes, you can. If your smart lock is integrated with Ring Alarm you are able to unlock your door using the Ring app.

Am I able to use any type of Z-wave lock?

Z-Wave is specific to particular regions so you will need to make sure when you purchase a lock that it is from the same region as the controller. To provide the right functionality, Ring only supports certain models.

Do smart locks work without WiFi?

Smart locks don’t need Wi-Fi to function. Other wireless methods you can use are Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and Zigbee.

What stops thieves from smashing a Ring doorbell?

While nothing can really stop anyone from smashing something, the Ring video doorbell’s motion sensors are able to see the event happen and will record it. You will also be alerted as soon as anything like this happens.

Does any type of door lock work with the Ring Doorbell?

In general, because the Ring Alarm uses Z-Wave, most types of smart locks that are Z-Wave compatible will be compatible with Ring.


Purchasing a smart door lock compatible with Ring is a smart security move (see what I did there?) Okay, okay, moving on….
Personally, we like the Yale Assure and the Level Touch. Beautiful engineering, awesome design, and great entry methods make these models stand out. The obvious difference is that the Yale has a keypad and the Level doesn’t so, depending on your preference, this could make the decision for you on which lock to purchase.


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