Best Ways to Increase Window Security for Your Home

Glass. It’s beautiful, useful, necessary… and breakable. Windows allow all-important natural light into our homes, allow us to see the outside world from inside the safety and comfort of our homes, and protect us from weather elements as well as from intruders.

But seeing as glass is not a particularly strong barrier on its own, how can we increase the security of the windows in our homes?

A burglar seeking quick access into a home looks first to which window is accessible. A simple brick or stone thrown at the glass window will cause it to break giving the thief easy access to your valuables.

The more difficult it is for a burglar to break in using a window as entry, the less likely it is that you will experience the trauma of a home invasion.

So it makes sense that we find ways to add a layer of security to our windows.

Take a look at the security tips below and see which safety option suits you.

How You Can Make Your Windows Safer

Close and Lock your windows

Open Window - Window Security

This seems a bit obvious but how many of us like to leave the windows ajar to let in some fresh air? It’s easy to forget to close them when we are going out. Make it a habit to close all your windows before you leave home. Don’t forget the basement windows – these are a popular way for burglars to gain entry.

Most new windows come with locking mechanisms. If your older windows aren’t able to lock, you can purchase locks from most hardware stores and install them easily yourself.

There are a variety of lock options for securing windows:

  • Security pins – these work well on double-hung windows by preventing them from being lifted more than a few inches
  • Keyed sash locks – a traditional sash lock but with the extra security of a key
  • Track lock – these are compression locks that you add to the tracks of windows
  • Bar lock – use a bar lock on sliding windows to keep them secure when closed
  • Ventilation locks – while still allowing the window to be open for ventilation, these locks stop them from being opened from the outside

You can find a variety of window-locking mechanisms on Amazon.

Motion Sensors

To add to the security of your windows you can install motion sensors.

A motion sensor is a device that picks up movement outside your home. As soon as someone moves in the range of vision of the sensor, a security light will turn on or a notification will be sent to you. Motion detectors usually come as part of home security systems but can be bought separately too.

Contact Window Alarms

Window sensors that are placed directly on your widows will immediately alert you if a window has been opened. Usually, an alarm will be triggered which is often enough to scare a potential burglar away.

These monitors cannot distinguish if a window has been opened or broken so for better protection a glass break sensor can be added together with the contact alarm.

Security Bars/Grills

Security Bars / GrillesMetal security bars installed into the window frame are a great form of window security. They are very difficult to breach unless the burglar has time to spend and is willing to put in a lot of effort.

Window bars do need to be installed by a professional. This makes them a more expensive security option but for the protection they offer, the cost is worth it.

To avoid the bars making your home look like a prison, take a look at the various options available in terms of design. There are many burglar bars made with attractive designs that are visually appealing.

Security Cameras

Strategically installed cameras are a great burglar deterrent. There are many types of security camera systems out there many of which have monitoring services available. If any suspicious activity is noted, the authorities will be alerted and will come to your home to check out any problems.

Sensor Lights

Make sure your home is well-lit. A house that is lit up is a far less attractive target than one that is not.

Security lights can have motion sensors or they can be set with a timer. The timer will make sure that the lights turn on and off at the desired times automatically.


If there is anything that can make a burglar’s job easier, and quieter, a thief will find it and use it. Old broken windows are one such thing. If your windows have been badly installed or previously broken and not repaired, they are an easy entry target for an intruder.

Make sure all your windows are in good nick. Look out for things like:

  • Broken or loose window locks
  • Cracked glass
  • Casement windows that are off their tracks
  • Crumbling or rot (in the case of wooden window frames)

Change to Casement Windows

This change will instantly add a safety layer to your home, especially if you secure them with additional locks.

Only you can turn the crank that opens the window. The opening is sealed to someone on the outside of the window. Keep the tracks clean and free from dirt to make sure they keep functioning properly.

Trim the Shrubs

Trim the shrubsMake sure there are no hiding spots underneath your windows by keeping the bushes and shrubs neatly trimmed and maintained. Your windows should be easily visible so that any suspicious activity is more likely noticed.



Plant Thorny Bushes

“You’ve just told us to cut the shrubs!” I hear you say, however, if you don’t have any plants underneath your windows it is a good idea to plant some that have thorns as these are excellent deterrents to anyone trying to break in. There are many plants you can choose from that are beautiful but also come with a bit of a punch, or should I say, prick, the lovely rose bush being just one option.

Window Treatments

Curtains - Window TreatmentsClosing blinds and curtains at night is an easy way to stop nosy onlookers from peering into your house. Remember to close your curtains when you are out of town.




Window Security Film

Window film is an easy DIY way to add security to your windows. The film comes in different thicknesses, the thickest being the strongest. Security film makes it harder to break the glass of the window. If force is applied to the glass and it breaks, it will not shatter into sharp shards that can cause injury but the film will hold the fragments in place.

For more information on security film read our previous post on the best security window films.

Glass Upgrade

There are several types of fortified glass that will make it harder to break a window.

Security glass is made in such a way that it is able to withstand substantial impact force be it from a kick, a bullet, or even an explosive in some cases. And if the glass can withstand an explosion, it can certainly significantly slow down an intruder’s attempts to break it.

The most popular types of safety glass are toughened glass and laminated safety glass. Plexiglass and polycarbonate windows are also much stronger than normal annealed glass.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways that you can increase your home window security and deter burglars. Most of them are easy to do yourself and won’t break the bank. Don’t skimp on your safety because of cost however and if your windows are in really bad shape, it might be worth considering replacing them entirely. Get a professional opinion if you are unsure.

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