Do I Need to Pay a Monthly Subscription Fee for a Nest Doorbell?

Do you need to pay a monthly subscription for a Google Nest Doorbell?

This is a question a lot of people ask. After spending upwards of $200 on a Nest Hello video doorbell it’s certainly understandable to feel a little reluctance to pay an $80 a year Nest Aware subscription fee on top of that. There are definitely benefits to having a subscription however it is not essential … Read more

Best Ways to Increase Window Security for Your Home

Window Security - DIY Home Security

Glass. It’s beautiful, useful, necessary… and breakable. Windows allow all-important natural light into our homes, allow us to see the outside world from inside the safety and comfort of our homes, and protect us from weather elements as well as from intruders. But seeing as glass is not a particularly strong barrier on its own, … Read more