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DIY Home Security

We are currently in the process of building the best DIY Security System website. You will be able to self install and monitor your own security system without:

  • The high cost of a professional installer
  • The high cost of service calls from a professional alarm company
  • The high cost of equipment
  • A long term contract
  • or the high monthly cost of monitoring

And isn’t it about time?

I have been an alarm installer and low voltage technician for over 20 years and I am as sick and tired of the alarm industry as a whole as you probably are. I am in the middle of currently writing a free ebook that will tell you ” All the Dirty Secrets” of the alarm companies. I will be providing DIY services to you so you can protect your family and property without the current high cost of doing so. The new wireless alarm systems are built so that anyone can do it and in a very small amount of time.


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