How Does the Ring Video Doorbell Work?

In prioritizing a safer home, you were thinking of buying a video doorbell. You’ve heard of many brands, but by far, one of the most recommended options is Ring. Before you decide whether Ring would be a good fit for your home, you’re curious about something. How does the Ring video doorbell work?

Ring’s video doorbell uses your Wi-Fi to survey and notify your devices when a person comes to the door. A video feed of front porch activity allows you to assess safety, and you can even use the included two-way radio to talk to the other person.

Still want to know more about Ring’s video doorbell? Then this is the article for you. In it, we’ll cover all things Ring. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know whether Ring is the home security solution you’ve been looking for.

What Is Ring?

Ring is a home security brand that produces a variety of safety solutions. These include a security system, smart lighting, security cameras, and video doorbells. You can also buy home security accessories like solar security signs, connected security panels, and faceplates. Ring is available for businesses as well as homeowners.

Many products you may already use around your home are compatible with Ring’s line of security solutions. These include the Dome Siren, sensors from Ecolink and First Alert, and some outlets from GE and Leviton. Ring is owned by Amazon.

What Is the Ring Video Doorbell?

Ring Doorbell

The video doorbell is one of Ring’s best-selling products. It’s a doorbell camera that attaches to the outside of your home. Relying on your Wi-Fi, Ring records video of all activity on your property. From family members coming home to the delivery person and even unscrupulous characters, Ring records them.

Ring has an app that you can download for Windows 10, Android, and Apple smartphones, tablets, and other devices. It’s available for free. This app lets you tap into the HD video live stream of your porch anytime. If someone unsavory is lingering on your property, you could contact the correct authorities.

You get alerted when there’s motion on your porch, if someone arrives, and if a visitor rings your doorbell. A two-way radio lets you talk to the other person should you want to.

There are five different video doorbells in Ring’s product line. These are the original Video Doorbell, the Video Doorbell 2, the Video

Doorbell Pro, the Video Doorbell Elite, and the Peephole Cam.

For comparison’s sake, we’ll take the least expensive model, the original Video Doorbell, and compare it to the priciest one, the Video Doorbell Elite. The original Video Doorbell has two-way talking and includes noise cancelation for reducing outside sounds. All video is displayed in 720HDS for great clarity, and you receive alerts to your phone at any sign of motion.

Other features for this version of the Video Doorbell are theft protection, infrared night vision, and motion zones you can customize.

If you upgrade to the Video Doorbell Elite, you get top-of-the-line features. For instance, all audio and video recorded on Ring is viewable on-demand. The speakers and microphone, both of which come included with the unit, are of a higher quality. You also get to review activity in clear video at a quality of 1080HD.

The secure flush mount and power-over ethernet hardwiring are other higher-end features that make the Video Doorbell Elite worth considering.

How Does the Ring Video Doorbell Work?

Okay, so you’re now aware of all the models of the Ring video doorbell as well as some differences between them. Now you just want to know how the whole thing works.

Let’s discuss that now.

Basic Functionality

The average Ring unit measures 4.98 inches by 2.43 inches by 0.87 inches. You mount it to the outside of your home and then activate the unit. Next, go to the Windows 10 App Store, the Google Play Store, or the iTunes App Store to download the Ring app. Remember, this is free.

Once you have the Ring app up and running, you can begin using your wireless Internet to generate a video and audio feed targeted to what’s happening on your property. It’s recommended your Internet is provided through a wireless router that’s 802.11 N, G, or B at 2.4 gigahertz.

Without the Internet, the Ring video doorbell loses most of its functions. Yes, it still works as a doorbell, but it will stop recording video and audio until the Internet is restored.

Powering Ring

The Ring video doorbell runs on a battery. This should come at least partially charged out of the box at about 50 percent or higher. When the battery drains completely, you can recharge it. It takes about four or five hours to recharge if you’re using a charger at 2.1 amps. If you have a charger that’s only running on one amp, expect charging to take between nine and 10 hours.

You never have to wonder when it’s time to recharge, as Ring will let you know via email and the app.


Ring allows you to use a static IP if you already have one, but it’s not mandatory otherwise. As you set up your Wi-Fi, you can select the static IP address then. You can also encrypt Ring with 64-bit WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption, but not 128-bit WEP.

Your Ring video doorbell does not use Bluetooth. You cannot use it with a Windows 8 or Blackberry device, either.

Multiple Ring users are acceptable, and each only has to register their email address with Ring to get started. Now the whole family can get notifications about what’s going on at home.

Temperatures can dip as low as -5 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 120 degrees and the Ring video doorbell should be able to withstand it. If it rains or snows and the unit gets wet, it should still keep working.

How Much Does the Ring Video Doorbell Cost?

You’re certainly intrigued by Ring’s video doorbell products, but before you make up your mind, you have to know more about the price.

The cost of your video doorbell varies depending on which one you want. If you need only basic-level protection, then the original Video Doorbell at $99.99 should suffice, as should the Video Doorbell 2 for $199. For those looking for more advanced security, you may opt for the Video Doorbell Pro for $249 or the Video Doorbell Elite, which is costlier at $499. Adding the Peephole Cam to any of Ring’s video doorbells is $149.

According to Ring’s FAQs, you do not need a subscription service to use Ring, nor are there additional fees. Ring does have a Ring Video Recording Plan offered to its customers. This isn’t something you have to use, per se, but it’s useful if you can’t be on the Ring app all the time, as it lets you go back through older events and alerts.

With a Ring Video Recording Plan, you also get 60 days to work with all your audio and video recordings on your account. After choosing which footage you want to keep, you can email it, text it, post it on social media, or download it. If you do want the Ring Video Recording Plan, you can choose from the Basic plan or the Protect plan. Both have monthly fees, with the Basic plan costing $3 and the Protect $10.

Do You Have to Install the Ring Video Doorbell? Is It Easy?

Your Ring video doorbell comes with all the equipment and mounting hardware necessary for installation, making setup fairly simple. You also have many installation options, as the Ring can be placed on stucco, concrete, brick, and wood surfaces via drilling. If you can’t drill or you want to install Ring on aluminum siding or glass, it’s recommended you get foam compression tape and attach this to the included mounting brackets.

If you have transformers at a low voltage, such as eight volts to 24 volts of alternating current (AC power), then you can connect these to the Ring video doorbell as well. It’s not recommended you install the unit near a DC transformer or an intercom system.

Do you use a smart lock from brands like Lockitron, Kisi, or LockState? Ring works with these three smart lock brands for ultimate compatibility.

Should You Get the Ring Video Doorbell?

Now it’s decision time. Although not all their options are cheap, Ring’s video doorbell is an overall cost-effective home security solution. There are no recurring fees unless you opt for the Ring Video Recording Plan. Even that’s between $36 and $100 annually, so the prices aren’t terrible. Not every homeowner will find the Ring Video Recording Plan necessary for them, and that’s okay. If you don’t add that on, then you’re only paying the one-time fee to use Ring.

The peace of mind you can get knowing exactly who’s at your door no matter where you are is priceless. Whether you’re a parent with kids at home after school or someone who travels and worries about the security of your home, Ring makes it easy to track who’s where and when.

Plus, we have to talk about name recognition. As we said earlier in this article, Ring is one of the more popular home security brands out there. You want the best features when it comes to home security, and Ring offers them. For that reason, we’d say their video doorbell is definitely worth looking heavily into.


Ring is a home security company that produces a renowned video doorbell. By using your Wi-Fi, you can get real-time HD video footage of whoever goes on your porch. You can even talk to the person if you wanted to. The video gets fed to your Ring phone app, which also sends real-time alerts.

The basic Ring unit costs less than $200 with no recurring fees. It’s a great little product for the home security enthusiast on a budget.

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