Laview Vs Lorex: Which Is Best For A Diy Security System?

There are so many security systems out there it can be hard to know which one to choose! And let’s face it, no one wants to sit and page through website after website looking at reviews and prices and tech specs. Who has that kind of time? But how else are you going to find out which security system is best for your needs? Look no further! We’ve done some of that heavy lifting for you!

Two of the best systems available on the market currently are LaView and Lorex. In this article, we will review both brands so that hopefully, your decision is made a little easier.

La View – an overview

The LaView security system brand has been around since 2013. Their values are “Reliability, Family, Respect, and Compassion.”  Sounds good so far.

They have committed to updating their systems continuously with the latest in security technology. The company offers assistance with a readily available support team. All their products come with a lifetime technical support warranty.

LaView doesn’t hide any fees or monthly costs – once you purchase the product, that’s that. No more expenses.

Their industry-standard security and surveillance products feature both Full HD1080P and HD IP technology.

Lorex – an overview

This Canadian company was founded in 1991 and now operates across all of North America. They offer top-of-the-line monitoring solutions and home security systems.

They are leaders in the DIY home security industry and have had many security system “firsts” such as being the first to offer a 5-inch black and white security system that could pair security cameras with a television tuner.

In 2012, FLIR Systems Inc bought Lorex for the small fortune of $59 million! They have grown the brand even more by expanding their products and keeping up with the latest in security technology. Their most recent product being the line of 4K IP security systems.

Security Cameras

Below, we’re going to take a comparative look at the security cameras of both LaView and Lorex so that you can get an overall idea of what the various security camera products offer.

Just as a general note on cost, LaView tends to be more expensive in general although their kit packages are sometimes slightly cheaper than Lorex.

Turret Cameras


LaView Turret Security Cameras

LV-PTK66802 turret model –

  • 4K resolution;
  • fixed lens – no zoom function; features night vision up to 100 feet;
  • no audio features;
  • 128 GB storage;
  • WDR – 120dB.


Lne8974bw model –

  • 4x optical zoom with a varifocal lens;
  • has night vision with double the range of the LaView model – up to 250 feet;
  • built-in microphone;
  • 128GB storage;
  • WDR – 80dB.

Dome Cameras


LV-PD6240-VF dome model –

  • varifocal lenses;
  • 4x optical zoom factor;
  • 2-way audio interface;
  • i/o alarm;
  • night vision up to 100 feet; 128GB built-in micro SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot.


Lorex Dome Security Camera

LND3374SB model –

  • varifocal lenses;
  • 3x optical zoom factor;
  • night vision up to 140 feet.

Bullet Camera


LaViewLaView bullet security cameras

LV-PBK80804C bullet model –

  • 0mm fixed lens;
  • digital zoom;
  • 79° field of view;
  • night vision up to 100 feet; 128GB storage.


LNB8111 model –

  • 0mm fixed lens;
  • 16x digital zoom;
  • 88° field of view;
  • night vision IR LED up to 130 feet in color in ambient light and 90 feet in total darkness.

PTZ Outdoor Camera


LV-CIP422X20C-S PTZ model –

  • 0MP resolution;
  • black and white night vision; 160° panning speed;
  • 20x optical zoom;
  • 16x digital zoom;
  • audio features;
  • housing – lightning, surge, and voltage transient protection


Lorex PTZ Security Camera

LNZ44P12B model –

  • 0MP resolution;
  • color night vision (in total darkness the camera reverts to black and white);
  • 200° panning speed;
  • 12x optical zoom;
  • 16x digital zoom;
  • no audio;
  • IP66 weatherproof housing.

General Brand Notes

The Lorex brand is definitely more recognized than LaView. We’re not sure if this makes much difference in terms of product offerings, however.  Lorex provides a whole lot more in terms of customer service offerings:

  • Frequent discounts / promotions
  • Price adjustment policies
  • Shop Pay Installments support
  • Email discounts
  • Apple Pay support
  • Price matching policies
  • Amazon Pay support
  • Klarna financing support
  • Zip financing support
  • Order tracking support
  • Modification & cancellation policies
  • International shipping policies

LaView does offer a free returns policy which Lorex doesn’t appear to offer.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

We took a quick look around to see what the customers are saying about both brands.


  • Some of the things people really liked were:

No monthly fees – the only costs customers had to worry about were the initial costs of equipment and an optional fee for premium cloud storage. There are no long-term contracts or fees associated with Lorex products.

Video quality – Customers really appreciate the high quality of the video – 4K.

People/vehicle detection – The artificial intelligence features in the Lorex cameras prevent false notifications of things like branches waving in the wind. Customers found this especially helpful when they monitored the system on their phones.

  • What customers didn’t like about Lorex:

Installation – Lorex doesn’t offer professional installation so the whole installation process is left to the customer. Alternatively, the customer has to hire someone to come and install the system for them which obviously adds to the costs.

Monitoring – Lorex also doesn’t offer a professional monitoring service. The customer has to monitor it on their own using the Lorex App. This means that the customer is responsible for calling for help if there is any type of emergency.

Customer service – Lorex customer service center is open weekdays and Saturdays from 11 am to 10 pm EST. If anything happens to your system outside of this time, you are on your own until the office opens up again.

Lorex – Find Prices on Amazon


  • Customers appreciated:

Motion detection scheduling – Customers found this a very useful feature. You can set a start and end time whenever suits you and the motion detection doesn’t need to run all the time.

Cloud resources – With LaView you don’t need cloud resources or buy any subscription unless you choose to. You can connect your security cameras via your own home network.

Speed – Customers like that the cameras and app load very fast even when the internet is bad.

Easy to use – Customers find the app easy to use and setup is extremely simple.

  • What they don’t like:

A bit cheap – While the camera is great and has a good feel, the accessories can feel a little cheap.

Instruction manual – Buy a magnifying glass so that you can read the very tiny print on the instruction manual!

Cloud storage – The cameras are advertised as having online and DS storage as well as cloud storage but, they don’t tell you that you need to pay an extra fee to access this storage.

LaView – Find prices on Amazon


Both brands are well-represented and reliable. You can’t really go wrong with either one. The choice will depend on whatever specific needs you have in a security system and what your budget is.

Happy shopping!

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