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LifeShield Security Offer- Deconstructed

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  • LifeShield Security Offer- Deconstructed

I have recently been looking at the many offers that are available for the installation of a security system. I am an installer and a salesman for home and business security systems and even though I am in the business I find it daunting to try and breakdown the competition and what they are really offering. So I will be publishing my findings as I break down each major company and what there offers are. The following is the “Fine Print” that no one reads at the bottom of the offer.

You can view the LifeShield Security Offer on their website.

Bold Blue Print is in the disclaimer and my comments are in red


Offers require a 36-month LifeShield agreement. Existing DIRECTV customers only.

There is nothing on the website stating what the cost is if you are not a current Direct TV customer. Is this a come on to become a Direct TV customer so you can get the offer?

Credit card(except in MA & PA) and Auto Bill Pay required. New approved customers only. Offers extended through 7/22/15. **Applicable use tax adjustment may apply on the retail value of the installation. Customers who call the number above and activate a LifeShield Essentials Package priced at $39.99/mo., LifeShield Advantage Package at $49.99/mo. or LifeShield Professional Package at $59.99/mo. will receive a $10 monthly bill credit. Credit will appear on DIRECTV bill.

Must maintain both LifeShield and DIRECTV services or credits will cease.

You are locked into the contract for both services or you do not get the discounted price.

Pricing and offers are subject to change and may vary in certain markets. 36-MONTH LIFESHIELD AGREEMENT:


This is pretty standard for security systems from most companies. Most will expect you to pay the full amount of the outstanding contract if you cancel. A local alarm company can be much more forgiving if you need to cancel.

Your billing cycle and first month of monitoring will start the day after your security system activates. INSTALLATION: Free professional installation is only available for LifeShield packages through DIRECTV.

All LifeShield equipment is leased and must be returned upon cancellation or non-activation, or non-returned equipment fees will apply.

This is probably the most important item to review. Most of the security company’s out there do charge a higher monthly amount for the “FREE” equipment that they offer but at the end of the contract at least the equipment belongs to you. In this case you never own the equipment.

Just take a look at the long term cost of the monitoring for your alarm system:

Cost Of Monitoring

With the LifeShield contract you will pay $2,880 over the term of a 3 year contract and if you want to cancel at the end of the contract you will have to either send the equipment back or schedule time for one of their technicians to come over and remove the equipment. You must also consider that in many cases when a company leases the equipment the equipment installed in your home may not be new and could cause some extra headaches.

See agreement for details. *Video home security refers to our LifeShield Advantage Package at $49.99/mo. and LifeShield Professional Package at $59.99/mo. Account must be in “good standing” as determined by DIRECTV in its sole discretion to remain eligible for all offers.

WHOLE-HOME FIRE PROTECTION: Fire-safety sensor works with existing interconnected smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors within your home. May require additional purchase of these products for full home protection if you do not already have them in each room.

LifeShield does not support any nonresidential or business location for fire, smoke or heat detection, and local fire marshal codes will vary based on location. Some homeowners insurance companies offer discounts for policy holders with homes protected with professional security and fire protection. Discounts and eligibility vary. Crime statistics are available via the mobile app, but may not be available for all, ZIP codes. +Free mobile app requires mobile iOS or Android mobile device and applicable data and Internet charges will apply. Check with your mobile access provider for details. Response time refers to the time to send an alert from your home to the monitoring center. Competitor pricing and package comparisons as of 2/24/15 comparing ADT base package. ©2015 LifeShield LLC. All rights reserved. LifeShield is a registered trademark of LifeShield LLC. ©2015 DIRECTV. DIRECTV and the Cyclone Design logo are trademarks of DIRECTV, LLC. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.

DIRECTV AZ: 288644, 18356-0; CA: ACO 7450 Licensed and regulated by the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services, CA: 978162 Dept. of Consumer Affairs, Sacramento; FL: EF20000489; GA: LVA 205465; MN: TS662473; NV: 0077709; OK:425446; TX: B19124, ACR-1907838; LifeShield AZ: 18356-0; CA: ACO 6556; FL: EF2000783; GA: LVA205828; IL: 127.001599; MN: TS679721; NJ: 34BX00006900; OK: 1563; TN: 00001723; TX: B18675; UT: 6672683-6501; VA: 11-5293. 53765 C
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