Nest Doorbell Review 2022

You’ve done your research on video doorbells and decided that the Google Nest Doorbell is the way you want to go to improve your outdoor security. Great choice!

But you’re here because you want to make extra sure that you are purchasing the right video doorbell to add to your security systems – this is not a day and age in which to waste money especially as the Nest is not the cheapest device. You want to know what other people are saying about the product.

Well, carry on reading friend! We’ve reviewed the Nest, taken people’s opinions into consideration, and here are the conclusions we’ve come to.

Nest Doorbell Features


The video doorbell camera has a 1280×960 vertical resolution.

When someone rings the bell, the image of that person will appear on your Smartphone within a few seconds. This resolution is slightly lower than some competitor cameras, but the feed still looks fine and all the details you need to see are there.

The focus for the Nest is more on the HDR abilities of the camera. Not a lot of competitors offer HDR so this feature was something people really appreciated. They like the better contrast and good definition that the HDR makes available. 

Video quality could look a bit better if the doorbell cam had higher resolution, so this is a little disappointing, however, the quality of the video does what it’s supposed to and it’s not going to win any awards it’s going to get the job done.

It is quite a large camera so make sure you have enough space to install it.

The doorbell works in conjunction with the camera. We like that the Nest Doorbell has features that can tell you when a package has been delivered or who is standing at the door. Just be aware that some of these features only become accessible if you pay the subscription (see below).

We found people like the fact that while the Nest Doorbell acts as a doorbell, it is primarily a security camera. So, just like a security camera system, the Nest Doorbell will monitor your entryway, alert you when someone is at the door, and record video of each event.

The smart doorbell will alert you on all your Google assistant-powered devices. Another feature that people appreciate is that by tapping a microphone button on your phone and smart displays, you can communicate directly with the person at the door.

The camera works seamlessly with Google Assistant and Smart displays (Assistant-powered). Images appear within a few seconds of the doorbell being rung.

The aspect ratio of the Google Nest is 3:4 rather than the normal 16:9. Together with the 145° diagonal FoV (field of view), the camera can see all the way to the floor which helps a lot when packages are left in front of the door. This does mean that you don’t get as wide a view as some other cameras, but nobody seems to feel like this is a real problem.

Battery Life

The battery (6,000mAh) lasts roughly two weeks before needing to be charged. It loses about 5% of its charge each day. This is obviously not going to be the case for everyone as the amount of usage will determine how quickly the battery runs down. Also, if you increase the quality of the video or the wake-up sensitivity, the battery will run down faster. If you have very minimal usage of the bell, the battery is likely to last up to a month.

Charging the battery takes roughly five hours using the USB-C cable provided with purchase. A wall adapter is not included in the box. 7.5W is the max charging speed so you might want to use a charger that is faster than that.

The Google Home app will give you information regarding how low your battery power is, and it will notify you the closer you get to empty.

People were a little inconvenienced by the fact that you have to remove the whole device in order to change the battery. Some of the competitor products offer swappable batteries so we can only think that Google placed form before function in their design.

Obviously, if you install the wired doorbell, power is drawn from the chime system. The battery will kick in if the power is cut.


The video doorbell comes with three free hours of storage on the cloud. If you want to increase that, you can pay a fee on an annual or monthly basis.

If you lose internet connection the Nest has enough onboard storage to be able to record an hour’s footage. This footage will be uploaded to the cloud once the internet connection resumes.


Some people found that there were a few audio delays every now and again but nothing that hindered conversation. They also felt that to only have three choices of automatic responses was not enough – all you get to choose from are “You can just leave it”, “No one can come to the door” and “We’ll be right there”. The voice isn’t particularly friendly either.

If the doorbell is rung, the chime is clear and has good volume.


It was definitely appreciated that there is no special setup needed with this video doorbell. The Google Home app is used both to configure and operate the Nest.


Users of Pixel phones love the latest feature available and that they can now see who is at the door without having to unlock their phone. A preview is shown on the lock screen and when you tap this window the full feed with open up.


Google, being a software company, has made this camera desirable due to the software features it offers – things like the ability to recognize objects separately. It can tell you who is at the door be it a person, package, dog, or vehicle.

This feature allows you to program the camera to send you a notification if, for example, a car passes by but not if a dog does. People like that this feature works nearly flawlessly. This happens because of the device’s ability to learn. The Nest’s efficiency in determination comes from within itself and not from pinging off Google servers.

You will need a Google account and the Google Home App on your Smartphone.

IP54 Rating

We like that the Nest video doorbell has an IP54 rating – it can be left safely outside and dust will not affect its operation. It is also tolerant of rain and water splashes.


Purchasers of this device like that the installation of the Nest Doorbell is pretty simple – if you choose to go wireless. People appreciated that a tutorial is provided for assistance with installation.

It’s convenient that all you need for installation comes in the box – besides a screwdriver and a drill (which you might need if you have thick walls). You get the mount, a wedge plate, and a tool to help you detach the device from the mount. Installation should take less than half an hour.

It’s not too hard to install the Nest Video Doorbell wired to the chime you already have. If you have a bit of DIY experience, you should be able to do it yourself.

The ideal space for the Nest video doorbell is four feet above the ground and you’ll need an area 2 inches wide and eight inches high in order to install the device comfortably. Best to check you have this space available before purchasing the product.

A bit of a negative is that it is not all that difficult to remove the doorbell. A flathead screwdriver could do it so while theft isn’t too easy, it’s not too difficult either. Google offers theft protection if you get a police report and follow certain procedures.

Nest Aware Subscription

If you don’t have a Nest Aware Subscription these are the features that the video doorbell offers:

·         Notify you when a person, vehicle, or animal is seen

·         Notify you when a person presses the bell

·         Allows you to converse with whoever is at the door via your phone / smart display

·         Notify you if a package is delivered

·         Saves an hour of on-device footage and three hours on the cloud

There are perks to having a subscription:

·         You pay a certain amount each month (or annually if you prefer) – check Google for the latest prices – and this will increase the saved footage in the cloud to thirty days.

·         You get Familiar Face Detection which allows you to know exactly who is at the door through facial recognition. It does this using your Google photographs and contact data.

You probably don’t need this feature so Nest Aware is not a crucial add-on to have.

If you pay even more the cloud storage is increased to sixty days, and you get full video history for the previous ten days. You will also get the face detection feature.

Again, while it’s a cool feature to hear your doorbell announce who is at the door, it’s not really necessary. Save your money and don’t bother.


It’s not a cheap option. There are other video doorbells out there that will offer you the same sort of features for less.  You will find that competitor products outdo Nest in terms of camera resolution too.

However, Google Nest Doorbell offers integration with Google Assistant and AI smarts. If you want facial recognition, this is the only product that offers that as well as alerts when packages are delivered.

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A few more things to note

All features of the Nest are available via the Google Home app. Google is stopping the Nest app.

You can’t get wired internet to the doorbell. It only works with Wi-Fi. You will need a Wi-Fi signal of 2.4GHz or 5GHz for it to work properly.

The Nest Doorbell automatically switches to night vision. This feature can be turned on or off using the Home app.

You do not have a constant video feed if installed wirelessly. The feed is shut off if there is nothing happening. You need to manually activate the camera to see what is happening at any given time.

Google Quiet Time lets you shut off alerts and chimes for short periods of time. This is great if you don’t want to be disturbed. Quiet Time can be set from half an hour up to three hours.

Pressing a red button saying “Delete video history” will erase all the video history recorded by the Nest. You’ll find this button on the Google Home app. The AI detection happens on the device so together with the above, this device is pretty private and secure.

Why we like the Google Nest Doorbell

The Google Nest Doorbell is a high-quality doorbell. It offers good video resolution, tons of smart features, and super quick alerts. We believe the Nest Doorbell is the best wireless doorbell solution on the market at present. And while it is completely wireless, you can still wire it to the doorbell chime you already have which makes it very versatile.



  • HDR capabilities
  • Good battery life
  • 3 hours free storage
  • Familiar Face Detection
  • Package detection
  • Great privacy
  • Good communication abilities
  • Lower resolution camera
  • Non-removable battery
  • Battery charges slowly
  • Not theft proof
  • Bit pricey


Final thoughts

We hope you have found this Nest doorbell review helpful. People were impressed with this product overall. It covers all the basics of a doorbell while offering some great perks. Free three hours of recording history is one of these perks that a lot of the competition doesn’t offer.

It’s a great option for a new doorbell, however, if you already have an existing doorbell product like a Ring doorbell, there is no real reason to upgrade to this product. People even found that the older Nest Hello offered enough features that they didn’t feel they needed to upgrade to this product.

The only things to put it in front of the Hello are the Familiar Face Detection and that it can chime on your smart speakers.

The Nest is easy to install, fully wireless, and offers three hours of cloud storage for free. Its integration with Google Assistant is fantastic.

All the core features are available and no subscription is needed unless you want the perks.

AI-based alert work really well.

The Google Nest is a great product and we love it! The only things that are against it are the camera with its low resolution at 960p and the battery that is slow to charge and non-removable. It is also quite an expensive product.


Here are a few questions that people ask that can help summarize some of the pros and cons of the product…

What can the Nest do?

It can alert you when a person presses the bell or when it detects a person, animal, or car. It is also able to alert you when a package is delivered. You are able to communicate with whoever is at the door.

Is there a fee?

The basic features come free but for a few perks like added storage and facial recognition, you will have to pay a subscription fee.

Does the Nest need a chime?

No. It will play on the smart speaker, hubs, or even on your phone.

Is it easy to steal?

Yes, it is. It is a detachable product and as such is vulnerable to theft. Google does offer a theft protection scheme in certain regions.

How long does the battery last?

It’s fairly good with an average of two weeks of use before needing to be recharged.


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