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Remote Control Home Security

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With today’s home security panels you can control the panel from anywhere that has an internet connection. All of the following devices can be used to monitor and Remote Control Home Security:

  • Smart Phone
  • Tablet
  • Laptop Computer
  • Desktop Computer

You literally have your home in your hands no matter where you are. You can receive alerts of just about any event that is happening at your home.

Receive alerts when:

  • The kids get home
  • A door or window is opened
  • The panel is armed or disarmed
  • Virtually anything can be monitored with a device and you can receive as much or as little information as you want
  • Flood Alerts
  • When someone is at your front door provides all of the remote control features you need.

Remote Control Features include:

  • Arming and Disarming the home security panel
  • Lock and unlock the front door
  • Change the temperature of the thermostat
  • Look in with streaming video to see what is happening while you are away
  • Turn Lights on and off

All of these features are accomplished by using cellular technology instead of the old fashioned phone line. The phone line has seen its day and cannot provide the security that you want. An intruder can easily cut your phone line and disable your entire security system. The system will still make noise but it cannot tell anyone about the intrusion because the communication line has been cut. Many alarm companies are using Internet connections to communicate to the Central Monitoring station and even though the features are the same as cellular it can also be easily defeated. As a matter of fact an intruder can cut your coaxial cable at the side of your house just as easy as a phone line. Cellular technology cannot be cut since there are no wires.

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