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Simple and Quick DIY Home Security

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There are hundreds of DIY Home Security systems to choose from so how do you make an informed decision when protecting your family. As you are conducting your research you will find that there are a lot of new guys on the block that have recently joined the security industry. The DIY Home Security market is estimated to be worth billions just in the USA and everyone wants in on the action. The problem I see is that they are not proven security professionals. The equipment is new with no track record. Does that mean the new guys systems are no good? Not necessarily, but do you want to be the beta tester?

The 2GIG GoControl system was designed by two Honeywell engineers that had a vision of building a system that could easily be installed, easy to use and for a great price and just to be thorough they built one of the most robust home security systems around.To date there are millions of these systems installed around the world. The system features are constantly being enhanced and you can easily get the new features without an expensive upgrade like most other security systems.

2GIG-CNTRL2-KIT DIY Alarm Systems

Basic 2GIG Go Control System includes 3 door/window sensors, 1 motion detector and a keyfob.

You must ask yourself if you are doing a DIY Home Security installation if you can complete the installation. What do you do if there are problems along the way. Many people are installing the Simplisafe security system and this is not a system that you can get local help for. The 2GIG system is currently installed by professionals everywhere so you get a system that you can install yourself and still can contact a local professional if get in over your head.



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