The Best DIY Home Security Systems for 2022

The year is just about over, and with the start of a new one, you might resolve to beef up your DIY home security. You know there are lots of decent or good options out there, but you want only the best. What are some of the most highly rated DIY home security systems on the market?

We recommend the following DIY home security systems for 2020:

  • Ring Alarm Home Security System
  • LarmTek Smart Wi-Fi Alarm System
  • SENS8 Home Security Camera System
  • SimpliSafe Right-Piece Wireless Home Security System
  • PANNOVO Wireless Home Security Alarm System
  • KERUI Home Security System

We selected each of these stellar DIY home security systems based on reviews and recommendations from Amazon. Make sure you keep reading, as we’ll explore all six picks in more detail, including shopping links for your convenience.

The 6 Best DIY Home Security Systems for 2020

Ring Alarm Home Security System

The Ring brand is synonymous with home security, making their DIY security system one covetable kit. You can get it in five pieces, such as in the link we provided, as well as in eight pieces and up to 14 pieces if you want everything Ring has to offer. Features in all kits are a range extender, dual motion detectors, contact sensors, keypads, and the base station, or the Ring itself.

You sync your Ring home security with Alexa to monitor the progress of your home, set alarms, or turn them off. You can do all this via voice commands. Ring says installation requires no tools and takes only minutes, although you might work a little longer on setup if you get the 14-piece kit.

While the main perk of going the DIY home security system route means avoiding contracts, should you want professional monitoring around the clock, you can add that on through Ring. It costs $10 a month. You won’t have to contend with cancellation fees or a long-term contract if you opt into this 24/7 monitoring.

LarmTek Smart Wi-Fi Alarm System

Another very viable option for your 2020 home security needs is this DIY system from LarmTek. Included with your purchase are an IP camera, a motion sensor, and an alarm host. You can even add on a wireless LAN Wi-Fi GSM cellular home security system feature if you felt inclined.

The alarm runs on Wi-Fi, as the name says, giving you complete control of security from your smartphone. You can set up a guest, user, and admin accounts to limit who can do what. You may also create a keypad password to keep unwanted users out. Should anyone get too close, the LarmTek alarm system blares out a loud siren sure to hurt some ears.

Unlike the Ring, which requires you to pay extra for professional monitoring, you can enjoy this free feature 24/7 by tinkering with the LarmTek IP camera and configuring your mobile app. LarmTek uses monitoring servers overseas so you never have to miss a beat, even if you’re not at home.

SENS8 Home Security Camera System

Next, we’ve got the SENS8 home security camera system. This Amazon’s Choice pick has the features you need most, such as two-way audio, night vision, a motion zone you can customize, and a 2.4G indoor camera that runs on Wi-Fi.

SENS8 strove to improve its algorithms to lessen the rate of false alarms from things like changes in lighting and curtains blowing in the breeze. The camera runs in 1080 HD and needs only a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection to get working. Should you have a power outage, the internal battery of the SENS8 kicks in, keeping the camera running for two additional hours. It will emit sound at a rate of 95 decibels if the alarm gets triggered.

The range of sensors ought to impress as well. You get a temperature sensor so it never gets too cold or warm in your home. The humidity sensor is another useful feature, especially in the summertime. A sound sensor with built-in loud sound detection makes life easier for new parents. Finally, there’s the light sensor, which works best at night. Should someone try to sneak into the kitchen for a midnight snack, you’d know about it.

SimpliSafe Right-Piece Wireless Home Security System

Yet another customizable DIY home security solution comes from SimpliSafe. You can order their kit in five, seven, eight, nine, 10, or 12 pieces depending on which security features matter the most to you.

In the eight-piece kit, you’d receive customizable sensors, a motion sensor, entry sensors (up to four), a keypad, and a noisy siren that sounds at 95 decibels. You’ll also quite appreciate the panic button, which lets you get in touch with the police immediately if pressed. It has a silent operation so you never alert anyone to what you’re doing in an emergency.

Speaking of emergencies, SimpliSafe’s wireless home security system includes SmashSafe. This feature contacts police even if certain components of the system are disabled or destroyed. Should you have a natural disaster or a power outage, SimpliSafe features a backup battery that’s ready to go for 24 more hours after losing power.

PANNOVO Wireless Home Security Alarm System

Designed for DIYers, the PANNOVO home security alarm system never has monitoring fees or contracts. What you do get is a warranty good for at least a year. The alarm system kit also comes with two remote controls, an SOS alarm button, a PIR motion sensor, and eight sensors, including six for windows and doors. You can turn these on and off at any time from your smartphone, even opting for certain sensors to remain on if others are disabled.

The PIR motion sensor, which is wireless, has a range of eight meters. It’s 110 degrees in width and 60 degrees in height for catching motion. You need a bandwidth of at least 2.4 GHz to use the Wi-Fi features, including a 120-decibel alarm, one of the loudest of all the DIY home security systems we’ve featured! The alarm will also begin flashing red lights.

In a serious bind? The SOS emergency alarm function never disarms. In an emergency, be it a break-in or a medical issue, you can contact the correct authorities instantly. That’s the kind of security you look for in a DIY system.

KERUI Home Security System

One more DIY home security kit for your consideration is this one from KERUI. It’s another Amazon’s Choice product, giving you confidence in your purchasing decision. Its low price belies the wealth of features you get with this helpful security system, such as a 110-decibel alarm, doorbell buttons, remote keyfobs, and a wireless detector.

There are more features yet within the KERUI home security system, among them a doorbell button, door contact sensor, Wi-Fi camera, live sound host, smart app control host, and motion sensors. Those P815 sensors run on a battery that’s good for up to four months at a time. Horizontally, the motion sensors can catch movement at 110 degrees and vertically, at 60 degrees. They also work at a range of 19 to 26 feet.

You set the security code used for the alarm, arming or disarming it as needed. All the sensors as well as the main unit can be programmed so you feel safe and sound in your home. That includes a D022 door sensor, which uses a 12-volt battery to sound an alarm should a stranger try to open your door too wide.


If you’re looking for a great DIY home security system for 2020 with all the best features and none of the contracts or monthly payments, we’ve got you covered. Any of the six security systems we discussed in this article would make a fantastic choice for your home. They come with a wealth of features for greater peace of mind, including motion sensors, loud alarms, and control from your smartphone.

The best part? You can install any of these home security kits yourself, as some come with as few as five pieces. Best of luck and stay safe out there!

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