Types of Security Doors

A door is a door is a door….. or is it? If you thought that there was just one type of door, think again.

A door is typically differentiated on various parameters, such as:

The Purpose of the Door

Commercial doors are often stronger and have more security features than residential doors. Make sure that a salesman shows you their commercial range as well as their residential range.

Where the Door Will be Used

Are you planning on the door being an interior door or an exterior door? An outside door will need to be stronger than an interior door – unless you are looking for a door for a panic room. A front door will need to be more attractive than a backdoor so that the appearance of your house isn’t detracted from.

What Material is the Door Made Of?

Residential door frames are mostly made from wood with the doors themselves also being made from wood, wood particles, or laminates. Other doors are made from iron, steel, aluminum, or even plastic.

For an exterior door, consider buying a solid wood or metal door. If you cannot afford a metal door, or the thought of it is not appealing, you can consider adding a metal grille to the front of the door.

Plastic doors, laminates, or hollow core doors are best for interior doors as they don’t offer much in terms of security and are rather just barrier doors.

Knowing the difference is important if you are looking for a door to serve a specific purpose such as increasing the security of your home.

Heavy-duty security doors are an excellent way of giving your home the additional security you are looking for.

There is a good selection of security doors on the market and you can find one to match the look and feel of your home.

But aesthetics are not the primary factor when choosing a security door. Let’s take a look at what makes a door a security door and what types of security doors are out there.

Two Main Categories

Single Security Doors

These are the most common security doors. They can be modified to fit your requirements. They fit a single-door entry.

Double Security Doors

These security doors are great if you have a sliding glass patio door. You can get both primary and secondary doors. A secondary door allows you to open the primary door for light and air while keeping the secondary door closed for better security.

Types of Security Doors

Storm Doors

Storm doors are usually made from aluminum with a foam core and tempered glass. The function of this type of glass door is to protect the primary door from heavy weather and impact from flying objects. A storm door affects the energy efficiency of your home as well as protects the structure. Make sure the door you buy has a decent-sized sweep at the bottom – this is the rubber piece that protects the bottom of the door and prevents wind from blowing dust inside your home. The sweep will also stop rain and snow from getting in as well as prevent the warm air inside your home from leaking out.

Storm doors have been created to accommodate the different needs that each season brings. One of these types of storm door is the venting storm door. This door is made so that a panel of glass slides open allowing for ventilation in the hot summer months.

Screen Doors

You might think that a screen door is just a flimsy bit of mesh that keeps out the bugs when the primary door is open, however, there are great security screen doors out there made of woven stainless steel mesh that, while remaining see-through, provide excellent safety. These metal security screen doors are put through rigorous testing and have to pass the Knife Test, Dynamic Impact Test, Forced Entry Test, and Salt Spray Test.

Security Screen Doors - DIY Home SecuritySecurity screen doors are available for front doors, double doors, and sliding doors. Sliding screen doors are a wonderful way to allow the fresh breezes from outside into your home while remaining secure – especially as patio or sliding doors are usually at the back side of the house where intruders might take advantage of the more hidden area in order to break in. Security screen doors are pet-friendly and childproof.


Trellis Doors

Typically made of iron, these metal security doors are usually used outside the main entrance for maximum protection. They can be locked by swiping them closed and are easily retractable. These are excellent for securing patio doors.

Security Grilles

Made of wrought iron or steel these secondary security doors can be very utilitarian or quite decorative – depending on your requirements and your budget. They come in standard sizes but can be custom-made to fit the aesthetics of your home.

Heavy Duty Security Doors

Commercial Fire Doors

Fire Door - DIY Home SecurityThese are mostly used for businesses but there is no reason you can’t use them at your residence if you so wish. More than 100 000 fire incidents happen in the United State per year. Damages can add up to thousands if a fire occurs in your home. You will need to have your fire door tested each year according to the latest NFPA 80 standard. A record of inspection is kept on file with the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction)

Ballistic Doors

Used mainly for banks and stores that are vulnerable to robbery such as jewelry stores but, again, there is no reason why you can’t use them residentially if you live in an unsafe neighborhood.

Doors and frames should be rated to UL 752. Before purchase make sure that the door has gone through all the necessary ballistic testing.

Hurricane Doors

Where hurricanes are often experienced, a hurricane door is a good option. They are designed to stand up against flying debris and high wind velocities. These doors need to have gone through various tests to be classified as hurricane doors – Structural Performance test, Static Air Pressure test, Cyclic Pressure test, and the Missile Impact Protection test.

Benefits of a Security Door

Security doors protect your family against threats from extreme weather and robbery. They come in many forms as we’ve seen above so you have a lot of options to choose from which means you don’t have to compromise on the curb appeal of your house when adding a security door to your home.

Bear in mind that security doors aren’t the easiest to install on your own. You might need assistance or hire a professional to do it for you.

Where You Can Buy a Security Door

Two great places to buy a security door are Lowe’s and Home Depot. Lowe’s security doors come in a wide range and you can get steel security doors or glass security doors. Home Depot makes it easy to buy online – just make sure you have the right measurements when purchasing.

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