What Are The Best Lorex Motion Detection Settings Available

If you’ve heard of the Lorex brand but aren’t quite sure what the company is all about, let me give you a quick rundown. Lorex is a highly respected security systems company operating for the last 30 years in the United States of America. They have created quite a number of award-winning products. They were the first company to market 4K resolution security cameras.  Recently they have released a solution for both wired and wireless cameras called the Fusion Collection. They are able to kit out your office or your home with the latest in security cameras ranging from video doorbells to smart home systems and 2K wire-free systems.

Why do you need a Lorex Motion Detection System?

If you are needing to keep an eye on pets at home while you are at work, or to make sure that an elderly relative is safe while they are on their own, or if you simply need to make sure that your home or business is secure, a motion detection system is a good way to go.

Lorex is a particularly good brand offering systems that have recorders with large hard drives built for continuous use and that can be upgraded easily. They provide systems that have the smartest motion detection and the highest quality night vision. Their systems are also weatherproof and will work year-round offering excellent performance for many years. Lorex offers super reliable security systems and to top it all, they come with a warranty.

So, back to the main question – What are the best Lorex Motion Detection settings available?

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Why do you need a Lorex Motion Detection System?

Standard Motion Detection

PIR Motion Detection

Advanced Motion Detection

Smart Motion Detection

Smart Motion Detection Plus

Person Detection

What are the most popular Lorex motion detection systems?

What are some of the Pro’s and Con’s of Motion Detection Systems?

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few different types of motion detection systems. All Lorex security cameras have motion detection but some of the systems also feature things like:

  • Advanced motion detection
  • Smart motion detection
  • Person detection

Let’s take a look at the different types of systems.

Standard Motion Detection

These systems will pick up all kinds of movement – it can be a person, a car, an animal, or an object, like a tree branch moving in the wind. The sensitivity of the motion detection can be customized and specific motion zones set. This is done through the recorder or sometimes through a corresponding app.

PIR Motion Detection

This type of system – Passive Infrared Motion Detection – detects

moving heat signatures. Cars, people, and animals will be detected easily by such a system due to the fact that they give off heat.

Advanced Motion Detection

These motion detection systems generally only detect people or vehicles. This can be advantageous is that it reduces the number of unwanted alerts. So, if a suspicious person is lurking around your home, the advanced motion detection will be triggered but the sensors will ignore Fido chasing his ball in the backyard.

Smart Motion Detection

So smart in fact, that it can determine if movement is caused by people or motor vehicles and give you separate alerts for each.

Smart Motion Detection Plus

Even smarter than smart this system allows you to choose between Smart Motion Detection and Face Detection. With Face Detection alerts will only be sent if a face has been seen coming towards the camera. This again cuts down on unwanted alerts from people walking by or vehicles passing in front of the system.

Person Detection

As the name suggests, this system only detects motion caused by a person. The Lorex App will send a notification to you via your smartphone immediately after the sensor is triggered.

What are the most popular Lorex motion detection systems?

First on the list seems to be the 4K 8-Channel Network Video Recorder with Smart Motion Detection, Voice Control, and Fusion Capabilities, 2TB HDD. This system will cost you around $300. Lorex does offer various payment plans to assist you.

This system comes with a 4K resolution recording, Smart Home compatibility, and a security-grade hard drive. It supports Smart Motion Detection Plus. It can accommodate two Wi-Fi cameras to open channels thus allowing you to expand your coverage.

Next up is the 4K Ultra HD Smart Deterrence IP Dome Camera with Smart Motion Detection Plus. This system comes with 4K resolution recording, SMD Plus, Smart LED light, and a siren. It’s a great upgrade to the NVR security system.




Third on the list is the 4K Ultra HD 8 Channel Digital Video Recorder with Smart Motion Detection and Smart Home Voice Control. This system offers you great recording capabilities, security camera support, and limits notification to people and motor vehicles. The security-grade hard drive ensures that your data stays private and there are no data storage fees. It can be paired well with the Lorex Home App which allows you remote viewing. There is also the added feature of voice control.


The next most popular system is a bit pricier. It is the 8-Channel 4K Security System with 8 Outdoor Cameras featuring Smart Motion Detection and Color Night Vision. The 4K DVR supports up to 8 ultra-HD 8MP security cameras and offers a maximum night vision range of 120 feet. It comes with a 2-terabyte hard drive. Other features include smart motion detection as well as Color Night VisionTM. It also has local video storage and is Smart Home compatible.




The 4K 16-Channel Fusion Network Video Recorder with Smart Motion Detection and 3TB Hard Drive is our next most popular choice. This system forms the center of your security system. It has a 16-channel 4K Fusion NVR, Smart Home compatibility, and supports SMD Plus as well as Safeguard features. This is probably the best NVR currently on the market. It can accommodate two Wi-Fi cameras to open channels.


The last system I will take a look at today is quite expensive but worth it if you are looking for the ultimate in motion detection – the 4K Ultra HD 8-Channel IP Security System with 8 Smart Deterrence 4K (8MP) Cameras, Smart Motion Detection, and Smart Home Voice Control. With 8 channels supporting 8 4K Smart Deterrence Cameras and 150 feet of night vision this is a professional-grade security system that will provide top-grade motion detection at your home or place of business.




What are some of the Pros and cons of Motion Detection Systems?



Better Home Security

Criminals tend to target properties when the residents are asleep or when the property is empty. Houses/businesses with access points that are not visible from the street are also vulnerable. Motion detection systems can be great deterrents when it comes to opportunistic thieves. Lights that automatically go on when motion is detected and cameras that record the events can prove very valuable in these situations. Alerts are immediately sent to the owner’s phone, and they are then in turn able to alert the authorities.

Better Safety

Motion detection systems can help with more than just burglars.  In some parts of the country wildlife can pose a threat too – be it raccoons in the garbage or bears in search of food, motion detection systems allow you to see what is happening from the safety of your home allowing you to come up with a plan of action.  Motion detection systems that trigger security lights also help you see where you are going if you are leaving your house in the dark meaning that you are less likely to trip over things and are better able to navigate slick, icy surfaces in the winter. More light, fewer injuries, more safety.

Better Convenience

How much better to arrive home in the dark with arms full of groceries and kids running around and have a light come on instantly to help you get safely to your front door? Dark icy mornings and evenings become safer as you can see the hazards in front of you. And if someone approaches the front door in the dark, the lights will be triggered, and you can easily see who is at the door from the safety of the inside of your home.

Better Saving

Instead of having exterior lights that stay on all night, a motion detection system allows you to save on your electricity bill by simply having lights that come on when needed and then switch off again.


Too Irritating

Automatic security lights are great but can also be irritating if they are triggered by any and every movement be it from a waving tree branch to a dog running by. If a light keeps going on unnecessarily it loses its effectiveness.

Too Costly

The initial outlay for a motion detection system can be off-putting. Although there are cheaper options, the better systems are usually quite pricey.

Too Bright

The quality of the light and how often the light is triggered will determine how soon the luminaires will burn out.  This is an added and ongoing expense – especially if they don’t last as long as you thought they would. Getting better quality lights will eradicate this issue but will also add to the startup costs.

Too Hot

Heat sensors are set to sense temperature changes within their coverage area. Possible problems can occur when the sensor is installed near an air conditioner or a heater. This will reduce the effectiveness of the system. Heat sensors often battle to work where temperatures are over 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This could cause problems in places with warm climates.

Too Slow

If a person or object moves very slowly directly towards the motion sensor, the sensor is less likely to pick up the movement. If a burglar is aware of the motion detection system, there is the possibility that by moving slowly they will not trigger the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are motion detectors?

Motion detectors are electrical devices that use sensors to detect the movement of people or objects nearby. They form an important part of a security system and are able to send alerts straight to your mobile phone when the sensor is triggered.

Is there any difference between a DVR and an NVR?

DVRs are analog and NVRs are digital. They both provide you with the same basic functions – recording, storage, motion detection, and remote connectivity. However, there are a few differences. For example, they differ in how the security cameras are connected and how the incoming video is received.

Do I need to update the Firmware?

Yes, you will need to update the Firmware. You will need to update on system start-up in order to enable remote viewing. You will also be required to upgrade your mobile apps or your client’s software.

Can my Lorex system be connected to my TV or computer?

All Lorex DVRs and NVRs come with VGA and HDMI video outputs. This enables connection with your HD TV as well as with nearly any other type of monitor.

Can the Lorex cameras withstand the weather?

Most of the Lorex cameras come with an IP66 or IP67 weatherproof rating. This Ingress Protection rating indicates how resistant equipment is to both dust and liquids using a 2-digit code. Lorex cameras with this rating can be used safely outdoors in nearly all climates.

What about Vandals?

Some of the Lorex cameras come with heavy-duty metal exteriors and have an IK10 vandal-proof rating. This means that they are ideal for easier-to-reach areas and can withstand aggressive impacts. Most of the Lorex cameras do not come with an IK10 vandal-proof rating. They are however still durable, and they are designed with cable protection in mind.

What are the audio capabilities of a Lorex system?

Some of the Lorex models do come with a built-in microphone that can capture sounds made around the camera. You need to check on your local privacy laws before doing any audio monitoring.  Audio recording is not always legal.

Wireless and wire-free – is there a difference?

Wireless cameras still need a power source. This means they need to be plugged in somewhere. So wireless is not really completely wireless. Where the wireless part comes in, is between the receiver attached to the DVR and the actual camera.  Wire-free cameras run on batteries. They don’t need plugging into a power source. The wire-free cameras usually turn on only if any motion is detected.  These cameras won’t provide surveillance 24 hours a day 7 days a week and they tend to have trouble in high-traffic area because the constant motion drains the batteries very quickly.

What is the best location for a wireless system?

In places where it might be difficult to run cables, it might be a good idea to install a wireless system – detached buildings, high-up installations, or where the camera needs to be placed in a remote area.

Why should I choose Lorex?

Lorex is at the top of the range in terms of motion detection equipment. They use cutting-edge technology and can ensure the highest quality in video recordings. Along with being weatherproof and resistant to vandalism, they also have great features – 4K image sensors, noise reduction, Wide Dynamic Range Imaging, and much more. They also have a wide range of motion detection products that suit just about all your security needs.

What is video motion detection?

Lorex DVRs and IP cameras come with VMD abilities. Every pixel that is recorded is analyzed so that the DVR / IP camera will immediately know if there are any changes in a group of pixels. The sensitivity settings can be changed to that only larger movements trigger the system. Recorders and mobile apps keep track of every movement event.

For how long are recordings stored?

This depends on the system that you have purchased and on your personal settings. The size of the hard drive is the most important factor in storage. The oldest footage is constantly replaced with the latest footage thus the hard drive size determines how long recordings are stored.

Are the recorded videos compressed?

The answer to this is yes. The security footage is automatically compressed. This saves you a large amount of data and also extends your recording times. No quality is lost in the footage. In analog systems, the video is compressed in the DVR. In IP cameras the data is compressed by the camera itself and then the data is sent to the NVR.

How do I download my videos?

A portable USB drive or an external USB hard drive can be used to download your footage.

  • Insert the USB media into the DVR or NVR’s USB port,
  • Bring up the main menu by right-clicking on the live view,
  • Log in,
  • Click the “backup” option,
  • Select the channel and the start and end times
  • Click the files that you want to backup
  • Click start

Why is the night vision in black and white?

Infrared light is invisible to the human eye because it has a longer wavelength and thus falls outside of the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. In situations where the light is dim, the cameras can’t pick up the visible light wavelength. It can pick up the infrared wavelength however and thus the image is black and white. In order to produce color images at night or in the dark, color vision cameras need ambient light. CNV cameras have extremely powerful image sensors. These are far more sensitive to light than normal sensors. These image sensors can absorb a greater amount of light and are thus able to see color at night. However, if there is no ambient light, the footage will be black and white.

Where can I buy the Lorex Motion Detection Systems?

You can purchase all the Lorex products directly from Lorex or you can visit Amazon.com. Some of the major retailers like Costco, BestBuy, and Sam’s Club also stock Lorex products.

Where are the best places to install motion detectors?

Before we look at where is the best place to put motion detectors, let’s quickly list where not to put them! Don’t place the behind large pieces of furniture – this will completely block their view of the room. Don’t place them near a heat source or in rooms that might get too hot like attics or sunrooms. Don’t put them on stairs – the kids running up and down will cause far too many false positive triggers. And don’t put them across from doors – again, a lot of false positive triggers will be caused by people going in and out.

The best places to install the smaller types of motion detectors are:

Corners – place them in the corner of a room facing toward the entryway.  Anyone coming into the room will set off the alarm.

Valuables – place a sensor looking directly at your valuables.  Anyone approaching those items will trigger the system.

Patios – a sensor on an outside patio or near a back door is a great place to install a motion detector.

Upstairs Bedrooms – even if you think it unlikely that a burglar will try to break in upstairs, it might still be a good idea to install a sensor near your bedrooms. This way you know you will be alerted in anyone tries to break in at night.

Basements – if you place motion detectors in the basement make sure they are not clocked by clutter. A good place to install one is near the basement staircase.

Ceilings – try to place the sensors where a burglar won’t see them. A ceiling is a great place for this and because sensors will work at any angle your system won’t be compromised in any way.

Inside Decorations – hide sensors inside your home décor. This will keep them from being easily spotted by intruders.


Motion detectors provide an extra set of eyes that can watch over your home or business when you can’t. They provide an extra layer of security allowing you peace of mind.

From all of the above, I think it’s safe to say that when you buy a Lorex product you are buying a very good brand. Are there going to be problems? Possibly. But that’s going to happen with any product you buy. If you come armed with the correct information, such as, where are you needing to install cameras, whether it is accessible to a power source, what am I needing the cameras to capture, etc. then you will be able to make an informed choice and find the best Lorex motion detection product to suit your needs. There is such a wide range to choose from that the best system can really only be determined by which one suits your requirements the most.

There are a variety of reviews available on these products on Amazon. Most people appear to be really happy with their purchase. The systems are easy to install and easy to use. Tech support is available – but only during business hours.

So, whether you are looking to install a very basic system of automatic motion-triggered security lights or a full-blown security system with all the bells and whistles, Lorex has a product for you.

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